Admiral Rip-Off

It’s that time of year again when the car insurance renewal letter drops through the letterbox and I have to go through the whole rigmarole of calling Admiral Insurance to tell them how disgusted I am at the unreasonable price increase for them to then waffle on about automatic renewal letters, not necessarily the best price blah blah blah blah.

Usually the unreasonable, automatically generated price isn’t too much more than the previous year’s price and I’ve accepted that after writing-off my trusty Passat during 2016, my insurance premiums were going to remain high for a few years yet.

But, for my insurance premium to increase from £578.76 for 2017 to £798.27 in 2018 (a massive increase of almost 38%) is absolutely ridiculous. IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) has only increased by 2% since I took out my motor insurance in 2017 and I’ve made no reportable claims since that time, meaning that Admiral Insurance are hoping that I’ll happily pay them 36% more than I did last year without questioning it.

Well, Admiral Insurance can fuck right off.

Just as soon as I can be arsed to get other quotes (including one from Admiral Insurance as a ‘new’ customer) I’ll give them a ring and nag at them just enough so that they eventually agree to beat my best quote, as they invariably end up doing year-on-year.



Do you bend over for insurance companies?

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2 Responses to Admiral Rip-Off

  1. Stewart says:

    I binned Admiral last year. They were over £300 more expensive than a quote I got from a different company. When I phoned and asked for my.proof of no claims, she was trying to get me to stay by getting me a better offer, which was still £100 more than my other quote. She was practically begging me to stay, but to Sheilas Wheels I went.

    • Ninja Hedgehog says:

      Thanks for your reply!

      I was with Admiral for many years until I found myself in the same situation as yourself back in 2014. I reluctantly left them but went back in 2017 because they provided a good quote and I’ve always been happy with their service- they’d been brilliant resolving a non-fault claim for me.

      Hopefully, they’ll see sense and quote me happy (I know they’re not LV)…

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