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The thing about Wish is that it’s slightly addictive. You know damn well it’s cheap shit which is primarily sold on there, but you can’t help thinking your next purchase will be a good one; that you’ll get good quality at a good price on that one glorious occasion. Surely it’s possible that some of the items for sale at such ridiculously low prices are of superior build quality and will last more than a week? Statistically, it’s got to happen at least once, right?

I’m still a firm believer of this, but I’ve yet to experience it. This is why I keep buying stuff from Wish (usually when I’m drunk, strangely enough).

Have I mentioned the dubious quality of items sold on Wish before?

Indeed I have.

Which is strange, because you’d have thought that my own experiences with Wish would stop me from buying crap from them.


But no, I haven’t learnt my lesson.

On the upside, a recent purchase of a low quality item from Wish demonstrated the excellent build quality of an item bought from a reputable manufacturer. Do you want to know how?

I’ll tell you how.

For my birthday recently, I received an Apple Watch. To be honest, this wasn’t my first choice of watch purely because I think any Apple product is overpriced, although you can’t complain about the quality and functionality of any Apple products. I was actually pretty reluctant to don an Apple Watch and I’ll tell you about this another time.

Apple Watches aren’t cheap and unsurprisingly, neither are any Apple Watch accessories. The standard strap included with my watch was pretty basic but when I looked online at other Apple Watch straps, I nearly had a heart attack. I don’t know how Apple can warrant such extortionate prices for simple watch straps but I can only assume they’re not made by children in a third-world country. Perhaps Apple should reconsider it’s business model?

Anyhoo, can you guess where this is heading?

That’s right- it’s heading directly to a purchase of a watch strap from Wish. The same bottle of white wine was involved for the purchase of around 6 Apple Watch straps from Wish in total.

The particular strap in question was an elegant one made of brown leather and was a bargain at only £6.00. All I had to do was wait a month for it to arrive, along with the other straps bought.

When the strap eventually arrived I was pleasantly surprised to note that the leather watch strap was indeed made from leather. Who says you can’t get quality at a fair price?

I swapped the generic Apple Watch strap for my new fancy leather one and this quickly became my watch strap of choice. It looked good and it was comfortable to wear.

A couple of weeks later, the beautiful leather watch strap failed in fairly spectacular fashion. This could have happened at any time; whilst I was putting the watch on, whilst I was taking the watch off, whilst I was eating, or whilst I was driving, just to name but a few convenient scenarios where my watch strap could fail. But no, the watch strap had other ideas.

The coupling on one end of the watch strap failed whilst I was taking a piss.

It was a surreal experience as I felt the watch slide from my wrist, as I watched it plummet towards the yellow water and as I heard the deep “plop” as it hit the yellow water and sunk straight to the bottom of the toilet bowl. At least the yellow water was warm when I plunged my hand in to fish out my Apple Watch, which is fortunately waterproof.

Both the Apple Watch and cheap leather watch strap have been cleaned and rinsed (quite extensively) but a question remains: shall I simply repair the cheap leather watch strap and tighten up those screws, or shall I finally accept that you get what you pay for when you buy items from Wish?

Fortunately, Wish sell the tiny little hex screwdrivers required to tighten such delicate screws.

Also rather fortunately, my new favourite watch strap, a grey woven one also bought from Wish, hasn’t failed although I did take the precaution of tightening up the screws holding it together.

Do you love a bargain despite knowing the quality will be somewhat dubious?

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