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What’s dry and hairy on the outside, smooth and wet on the inside, begins with ‘C’, ends with ‘T’ and has more than 3 letters?

Admit it. One particular word sprung instantly to mind, didn’t it? Unless you deliberately thought about it too hard and worked out that the answer is coconut, you automatically thought of cunt, didn’t you?

There’s definitely a stigma attached to the word cunt and everyone reacts to it in different ways. Some are absolutely horrified and disgusted by it and some really couldn’t care less. Some people even use it as a pet name. Or, at least I think that’s why I get called it.

Women seem to be most offended by this word but when you question the reasons for this, you just get told that it’s a disgusting word and that it shouldn’t be used. Ever.

Maybe it’s because the word cunt has two meanings? We all know that it can mean either vagina or used to refer to someone in a derogatory manor. Perhaps the vagina reference is why women are most offended by this word?

There’s some really interesting stuff about the word cunt on Wikipedia– I won’t copy and paste it all, but there’s information on it’s first use in general and when it’s been used on radio, TV or film. Even if you find the word vulgar, I’d recommend a read.

Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. The word cunt is short and sharp. Granted, it’s a

word that looks like it means business, but surely a rude word with more letters and therefore more presence should cause more offence?

I’d compare the word cunt to Dominic Littlewood from Cowboy Builders. Both are short and there’s not much to them- the only difference is that Dominic Littlewood has too much skin on his head. The word cunt doesn’t.

Once he’s on to a cowboy builder, he’ll nip at their ankles like a little Yorkshire Terrier until they run away with their tale in between their legs.

In comparison, I’d compare words like wanker, fucktard and tosser to John Coffey (played by Michael Clarke Duncan) from The Green Mile. He’s this huge, scary -looking prisoner on death row but it turns out he’s a great big softy and only wants to help people.

So, for some reason, the word cunt just seems to contain plenty of “oomph”.

Even for those who are completely impartial to the word, it’s still a massive shock when it’s said on TV or in a film. Even I have to do a double-take and rewind the clip sometimes, just to see if I heard correctly. I then think “I can’t believe they just said that on TV!”. My favourite use of the word cunt is in Family Guy, where it’s used surprisingly frequently. I bet there are a few of you who watch it on BBC3 and think I’m making it up- I’m not!

The use of the word doesn’t bother me in the slightest and I don’t see why it should bother anyone else- it’s only a word. The meaning of it has become dumbed down over the years and it’s used much more frequently without any thought at all. In my opinion, it should be reserved for those special occasions when simply calling someone John Coffey won’t cut it.

I remember one time when I was driving down a narrow street with cars parked either side. I was nearly through the tight bit when a spotty oik in a suped-up Clio came charging down the other way. I slowed right down and spotty oik drove right up to my car, music blaring. I got out of the car and said “you are joking, right? I was almost through”. He leant out of his window and replied “I don’t give a shit, cunt“. He soon gave a shit when the bloke got out of the car behind him and told him to get the fuck out of the way and to stop being a cock. He looked pretty sheepish after that. I don’t know if he was trying to sound intimidating, but his use of the word cunt just made him sound really, really stupid. It has to be said like you mean business for it to have any impact, but then the same could be said about any word.

Some people use the word cunt a lot and to the point where it just becomes funny. Twitter is a good place to see this and a few of my favourite people on Twitter use it excessively- two of those who spring to mind are women!

StewieLad is a grumpy fucker and is always whinging about cunts out on the road, cunts he works with and cunt customers.

DotDotCrash_x uses the word cunt all of the time and does so very well!

All three of the above have plenty of followers, so obviously their use of the word cunt doesn’t offend people? They all just use it for what it is; a word. I even asked PeatreeBojangle for her specific views on the word and she said this:

“Nothing wrong with a word. But there’s a lot wrong in the intention behind a word. Goes for any word. For eg: ‘YOU FUCKING BIKE, I HOPE YOU DIE!’ Now the word ‘bike’ is rude and harmful.”

I think she’s right and it supports what I said earlier- the tone in which the word cunt is used can control the amount of offence intended. That applies to any word and again,  the word cunt is no different to other, similarly intended offensive words if used with the same tone.

I asked a combination of men and women from my address book what they thought of the word cunt and of it’s use. The general consensus was exactly what I think- it’s just a word and is no different to wanker, bastard or tosser.

If someone who finds the word cunt to be offensive can actually explain to me why they find it offensive, maybe I can begin to understand the reasoning. But, it seems that those who dislike the word don’t really know why they dislike the word. That seems fairly bizarre to me and makes me wonder if people hate it simply because they’ve been brought up to hate it, without really having a reason to hate it.

If a friend or colleague calls me a cunt, I just laugh. In fact, it’s surprising that in the semi-professional environment I work in, the word cunt is used on a very regular basis. That’s the beauty of it though; no one really worries about or is offended by the use of it.

If you’re reading this and you’re disgusted that I’m writing about the word cunt and you believe that I’m only doing it for shock value, then you’d be half-right. I get fed up with people over-reacting about one simple word and perhaps it’s about time the word cunt was forced down your throat so that you could stop being so ridiculous about it. There are much more offensive words being used by people; I’ve heard teenagers call each other “paedo” as an insult. If you’re going to be picky about it, surely that’s a million times worse?

Even if I’ve made you think about the word cunt more than you ever would have done before, then that’s a good thing. Hopefully, you’ve read this and realised that being offended by a silly little word makes you a proper cunt.

5 Replies to “See You Next Tuesday”

  1. I object to the word ” whinging ” more than cunt. I don’t whinge, I comment strongly i’ll have you know young man!

    1. It just so happens that I came across @YPLAC’s website when I was writing this particular article- I spent quite a while looking at the photos.
      People park like cunts in the car park at my place of work. Fortunately, as my car has a few dents in it already, I have no qualms with parking inches away from someone who can’t manage to fit their car neatly in between the white lines. Slightly irrelevant, but never mind.
      You’re definitely right about the word “cuntish”- that has a lovely ring to it and can replace the word “cunt”, sometimes. For example, you could say “don’t be cuntish” instead of “don’t be a cunt”. So many possibilities…

  2. I find a certain amount of satisfaction using the c-word when im really angry. Its quite theraputic and tends to dissolve my aggressive mood quite quickly. Im not sure of exactly why. I like to reserve it for special occaisions. To overuse it would dilute its power.

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