France to Cash in on the London Olympics

Apparently, France is a London suburb…

I’ve just read in the paper that councillors in Pas-de-Calaiscoun, northeastern France, are planning on rebranding their region as “part of Britain”.

This is a blatant way to cash in on the 2012 Olympics (which incidentally, France lost out on) and is transparent as clear glass! How on earth can one country, not physically attached to another by land mass, claim to be part of another country? France and England are two diferent countries. We don’t have any agreements in place with them, so how are they even planning to pull this off? Here is a quote, taken from The Telegraph:

“I consider that we are the south of England, and because we’re the south of England it’s normal that we would associate ourselves with this extraordinary event”, said Dominique Dupilet, head of the Pas-de-Calais’ county council.

I know it’s a little politically incorrect to say this, but were France the south of England during the second world war? No, they weren’t. The cheese-eating surrender monkeys (I heard this phrase from someone else) waved their white flags and were all lubed up, ready for Hitler and the Nazis to come and give it to them from behind.

I think it’s absolutely disgusting that this is even a serious suggestion and hope that this ridiculous notion makes it no further than the utterings of a French village idiot. I wonder if perhaps Dominique Dupilet has considered being part of England by joining our troops and fighting in far southeastern France; or Iraq, as the rest of the world knows it…

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