Getting Caught

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to question the logic of a moron’s letter that I read in the newspaper the other day.

I even tore the section out of the newspaper, so that I could use it at a later time, but I tore it so that it’s missing the moron’s name at the bottom. That’s unfortunate as I would have liked to have included it, just on the off-chance that one of you know who he (or she) is and can tell that person what a wanker they are.

The letter read:

I recently received a fine for driving in a bus lane, yet on the same day I was passed by drivers on their mobiles who ran red lights, as well as cyclists who didn’t pay attention to them either.
In my area one boy racer consistently breaks the speed limit, despite being in danger of causing a fatal accident.
Where is the justice?

This idiot is simply complaining that he/she got caught. It’s the same old story; moaning about how everyone else gets away with things and that on the one occasion, poor, innocent me does something even remotely naughty, I get caught… blah blah blah. Just because some use their mobiles whilst driving and some speed, it’s not a free pass for you to drive in a bus lane. Unless you’re driving a bus, of course. Which I don’t believe this person was doing, as otherwise they wouldn’t have received a fine, right?

I reckon that it this person wasn’t concentrating so hard on those who used their mobile phones, sped and ran red lights, he/she may have noticed the bright, blue sign (similar to the one pictured left) that told him/her not to drive in the bus lane unless he/she was driving a bus, motorcycle and taxi, or was riding a push bike.

I’m of the opinion that if you get caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing, then you should just swallow it and shut the fuck up.

I once received three points on my licence for speeding (incidentally, I was driving a bus at the time). I was pissed off because nobody wants points on their licence, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I knew I’d been flashed by a camera on this occasion because I had been speeding. I paid the fine, accepted the points and didn’t write to the newspaper to bitch about how unfair or how unjust it was.

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  1. Strange rules also apply for us taxi drivers too. Take Chatham bus station for example. the sign says bus, taxi and bikes permitted, but with my car being registered as a Maidstone Borough Council cab and not a Medway Council cab, I am not permitted to use the bus station lane, causing my customer to pay more on the meter price for doing exactly the job as a local cab because I have to go round the normal road.

    I AM permitted though to use the bus lane on Chatham Hill which has exactly the same signage as the bus station, however, I am NOT permitted to use the bus lanes in Maidstone.

    London I don’t even take the risk with because they’ll just fine your arse for anything, but say if i have a drop to another town…say Oxford, I’m permitted to use all of the taxi / bus lanes in the city.

    I know it’s different for knobs who don’t think the sign applies to them, but sometimes, the sign doesn’t always mean what it says it does.

    Grumpy Cabbie

    1. That all sounds rather confusing- have you considered a different profession?

      I can see you as a counsellor.

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