Eddie and Ruby at the Park

You may know that I have two dogs; Eddie & Ruby. However, you probably WON’T know this if you DON’T know me. From what I can gather, if you DO know me, you are unlikely to be reading this blog.

Eddie is a staff/alsatian cross. He’s an amazing looking dog; with the body of a staff (only with longer legs) and an alsatian’s head. His mother (the staff) was tiny and his father (the alsatian) was huge- they were the Ant & Dec of the doggy world. Ruby (a rescue dog) is a lurcher. For those of you not-in-the-know or too unintelligent to determine as much from the photos below, a lurcher is a greyhound-cross.

I recently purchased a camera and have been trying it out here-and-there (30x optical zoom- pretty good for spying on the woman’s bedroom in the house behind my own) and today decided to take it to the park whilst I walked the dogs. Ruby LOVES to run and left to her own devices, will just take-off randomly, running as fast as possible and doing laps of the park. I thought it would be nice to try and capture an action shot of her. This turns out to be trickier than anticipated, especially when I’m zooming right in to catch her in the distance and I don’t follow her smoothly, which results in me losing sight of her. By the time I’ve zoomed out again and found Ruby, she’s decided that it’s sniffing-bushes time. I have yet to train her so that she can forewarn me of any impending sprints, so of course I’m seldom ready to catch her in action again.

Anyway, I took many photos (of Eddie & Ruby in general) and have attached my 3 favourite ones below for you. David Bailey I am not, but it’s alright as I do not claim to be an amazing photographer by anyone’s standards.


Ruby, worn out

Ruby, running

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