Feeling the Pressure

For some reason, visitor figures for Ninja Hedgehog have shot up. The amount of traffic is hardly going to crash any computers, but around 200 more of you every day feel that Ninja Hedgehog is worth a visit.

I don’t know what’s triggered this but the only thing I can think of is the @ninja_hedgehog account on Twitter. The problem is, you lot are going to EXPECT something interesting to be blogged.

I used to have thousands of things to write about including my experiences and my thoughts. With hindsight, a lot of my blogging was about work and the funny things that used to happen there. I’d have a rant or two and perhaps insult a few of my colleagues or my manager.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m scared to blog ANYTHING about work, because I’m governed by fairly strict contractual agreements with my employer. I’m not supposed to put anything online that may put my employer in a bad light but I don’t quite understand this as YOU don’t actually know who I work for. Even if I whined and bitched about what happened at work today, it wouldn’t put my employer in a bad light (technically) because no one knows who I’m whining and bitching about. So, what do I do? Does this mean that the only thing I have to write about is work? Isn’t that a bit sad?

I’m seriously considering the ‘fuck it’ attitude. I should stop worrying about little things like whether or not I put my employer in a bad light or not because they don’t know about Ninja Hedgehog and you don’t know who my employer is. As long as I don’t accidentally leak the secret recipe for Coca Cola, I’m alright.

I don’t really work for Coca Cola- I just wanted to see if you were on your toes. Whether I like it or not, I’m going to have to make a little bit of effort with Ninja Hedgehog. I’m glad that an extra 200 people per day are coming to visit, but that’s worthless if they all think that it’s a big pile of steaming poo and not worth a second visit. So far, people don’t think that’s true; I know this because I can see from my logs that some of you return again and again. People like Adam Thompson, from Truro in Somerset, Peter Healey, from Greater Manchester and Zach Golding, from Ohio. Ok, the logs can’t possibly know your names but there is information (not detailed and not revealing) to say where (approximately) you live in the world. This is actually quite interesting sometimes and I try to work out how people from around the world have found Ninja Hedgehog. Hmm… saying it like that doesn’t make it sound interesting at all, does it? Ignore that bit.

The good thing about Ninja Hedgehog is that there’s no genre. I don’t have to do reviews about films or write about a recent football match. It’s my blog- I can write about what I like, when I like. This means that I don’t need to make any excuses for a random, boring post like this. I’ve even read through this once or twice as I’ve typed it and it’s boring the crap out of me- well done if you’re still with me!

I think that as long as I write on here regularly, there’s a chance that every now and again, something interesting will end up on here. You will keep visiting and we’ll all be happy. Ideally, I’d like a few other writers for Ninja Hedgehog so that it really would become an interesting place, with different views and opinions, and what not. In fact, if you enjoy writing (about anything at all) and you promise not to post offensive material, send an email to iwanttoblog@ninjahedgehog.com with a bit of information about yourself telling me why you want to write on Ninja Hedgehog. I reckon that in time, Ninja Hedgehog will be quite a nice place to visit.

So, thank you for those of you who have started to visit Ninja Hedgehog on a regular basis. Although I can’t guarantee it, I will have a damned good go at being interesting.

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