Your Baby Won’t Die if You Don’t Leave it in a Dangerous Situation

In the paper today, I read an article about a baby who drowned in 7 inches of water during a period of 60 seconds when the mother wasn’t there. This exact same story pops up every so often and it makes my blood boil.

It’s ridiculous that some parents are irresponsible enough to leave their young child unattended in a dangerous situation.

Leo Clark, who was only just 12 months old, was left in the bath with his older brother whilst their mother made a telephone call to their father, which must not have taken more than 60 seconds.

I don’t have kids but I like to think that I’m intelligent enough to know that a young child should not be left unattended:

  • In a room with a dog
  • In a room where a hot iron, saucepan or gas/electric heater may cause injury
  • In a bath
  • When an external door is left open

I know I can be a little opinionated at times, but the mother is a fucking moron and deserves to be prosecuted for child neglect. It’s fairly safe to assume that had she been with the child the whole time, he would be alive right now. Therefore, she is responsible for his death.

I’ve no doubt that she feels guilty and that it will take her an eternity to get over the tragedy. For this, she has a tiny bit of my sympathy because it must be terrible to lose a child for any reason. But, I’m sure that there are many others, including the boy’s father, who would struggle not to hate this woman right now.

I also find it difficult to believe that the mother was only away for less than 60 seconds- it’s always during the shortest of timeslots that a baby drowns and I suspect that she was more than likely away for longer than this. She’s hardly going to admit to leaving a child alone for longer than 60 seconds, is she?

The Daily Mail reported online on 4/3/11 of a teenage mum whose 8 month old baby drowned after she went to check Facebook on her phone- Shannan Woods was let off with a suspended jail sentence.

Although not exactly the same, a quick search of the internet reveals lots of stories regarding toddlers who have drowned in garden ponds. I fully accept that kids will wander off because they’re inquisitive and want to explore, but I can’t grasp how a toddler is able to wander to his or her death without being noticed. What if the child managed to get out to the road and was mown down by a car? What if a paedophile snatched the child?

I vaguely recall a big thing where safety organisations were encouraging people to fill in their garden ponds because they’re unsafe. I was going to write about how ridiculous that suggestion was, but found a post on the Wild About Britain forum that sums it up:


“now the TV news are telling people to fill them [ponds] in because some idiotic parents with no common sense let their children drown in them? if you have a pond DONT leave young children un supervised…simple…or, put a safety grate over it…its not rocket science. Same as if you have young children DONT have a dog!…especially a fighting dog?”


My sentiments exactly. These irresponsible, reckless parents can blame the phone, the doorbell, the pond or the dog for as long as they like- they never seem to hold their hands up and confess to simple neglect. The only danger to these poor children are the parents who think that Facebook or a dog are more important and more valuable than their own child’s life.

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