Another Gordon?

Yesterday, I wrote about how Gordon had been delivering leaflets to say that he helps people pay mortgage. By sheer coincidence, I found out that a different type of leaflet had been delivered a few roads away- from another Gordon.

Two different Gordons delivering different leaflets just roads away from each other? What are the chances of that?

This new leaflet was hand-written and included a little smiley face- I admire the personal touch. There was a telephone number on this one, but despite beginning with the same 5 digits, the rest of the telephone number was different to the one that had been on the previous leaflet. Definitely not the same Gordon then.


As you can tell, this leaflet had been used as a coaster. I’d like to point out that it wasn’t delivered through a letterbox like this.

Being the curious fellow that I am, I thought I’d give new Gordon a ring, just to see what he sounded like. Gordon doesn’t sound like a Gordon. Gordon is the name of a man who’s in his forties but the Gordon I spoke to on the telephone sounded like he was in his twenties. He just didn’t sound Gordon enough. Hang on… its exactly the same Gordon I spoke to yesterday.

Why would Gordon deliver one type of leaflet, suggesting that he could help with money/mortgage problems and another that implies he’s just an individual looking to buy a house in a particular area? Why would he use two different mobile numbers?

I rang Gordon again on the telephone number from yesterday’s leaflet and when he answered, I asked him if he was looking to buy a house in my area (referring to today’s leaflet). He answered that he was.

I told him that I’d received two different leaflets from him and asked if he was just an individual looking to buy a house. He replied that he’s been delivering three different types of leaflet and that he’s in business with a couple of others, who run a business in property. At least he was honest.

Although I’m sure Gordon isn’t breaking any laws, I can’t help but feel that he’s being a little sneaky. The fact that he uses at least two different telephone numbers and that the second leaflet is hand-written and (in my opinion) deliberately implies that he’s just a private individual may lull people into a false sense of security.

It makes me wonder if many people telephone Gordon and whether or not he makes reasonable offers on people’s houses, if that’s the business that he (and his partners) are in.

Surely, a legitimate business would distribute leaflets and explain right from the beginning that they would possibly buy your house from you. I’m not quite sure that I understand the need to distribute very different types of leaflet.

I wonder if Gordon’s surname is Bennett?

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