Dog Sitting for the Weekend

Our friends have a chocolate-colour labradoodle called Holly and need us to look after her for the weekend. I’m dreading the carnage.

Around a year ago, Holly had a litter and our friends kept one of the puppies, naming him Teddy. Both dogs (although a bit lively) are absolutely lovely.

HollyOur friends are away this weekend and someone was going to dog-sit for them. However, Holly is ‘in season’ and Teddy keeps trying to shag her- even in the canine world, incest is something which is frowned upon. Because Teddy is trying to shag Holly, we’ve been asked to look after her today and tomorrow.

Although Ruby keeps herself to herself, Eddie will really enjoy Holly’s company and at any other time, would chase her and play-fight with her. But, because she’s in season, he’s only going to try and shag her. This isn’t a problem as he had the snip when we first got him, but I was certain that he was going to be horny for the whole weekend, which means he would try to hump anything that moves. I was correct and he IS trying to hump anything that moves…!

In case you haven’t had a female dog before, when a bitch is in season, she can leave drops of blood everywhere. Because of this, Holly will have to live in the conservatory for the next two days as we have carpets throughout the rest of the house, whereas our friends have wooden floors all downstairs, so cleaning up such a mess is easy. As long as it isn’t pissing with rain all weekend (so far, it’s quite nice today) all three dogs can play in the garden together, because I’d feel sorry for Holly being stuck in the conservatory on her own. I can’t even take her to the park in case another dog manages to sneek a sly one into her. I’m convinced that she’ll be fine living in the conservatory for the weekend as our friends usually keep Holly and Teddy in a cage overnight- I think they do this because one or both of them make a mess or chew things during the night. I don’t agree with dogs being kept in a cage at all- if there are behavioural problems, then training should be given so that these bad habits are eradicated.

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