Question Time

I usually bring a copy of the Daily Mirror to work. There- I’ve said it. It’s not the most intellectual newspaper in the world, but it’s easy reading and I think it’s much more interesting than some other newspapers.

There’s a ‘Question Time’ section where readers write in with a question so that other readers can write in with the answer. This is all well and good, assuming that the people with the answers are actually correct. I reckon I can easily answer ALL questions asked. For example, a recent question (asked by M Stephens of Bristol) was:

What happened to 1960’s English fashion model Pauline Stone?

The answer (provided by C Stephenson of West London) was:

Pauline had an affair with English actor Laurence Harvey. They had a daughter, Domino, who became a bounty hunter in Hollywood and was the inspiration to Keira Knightley’s character in the film Domino.
In the 1980’s, Pauline married Hard Rock Cafe co-founder Peter Morton but they divorced. She lives in London. Domino died of an overdose in 2005.


This all sounds like a load of nonense. Obviously, I don’t know whether or not it’s true, but every aspect of the answer seems like it’s been created by a very imaginative mind. That aside, here’s what my answer would have been:

Who cares? Look it up on the internet.

Today’s question (asked by Maureen Harper of Huddersfield) is:

Who was England’s first queen and when did she reign?

Here’s my answer:

Who cares? Look it up on the internet.

If people are going to ask questions, they should make them a little more interesting and ensure that the answers aren’t easily available in a book or on the internet. Why can’t people ask interesting questions, such as ‘when will the sun die out?’ or ‘what are the chances of earth being sucked into a black hole and if this happened, would we survive?’ or even ‘When will Simon Cowell disappear from all of our media channels?’. These are questions that I would love to see the answers to.

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