This Little Piggy

I recently went camping at Fairfields Farm in Pevensey. I’m actually beginning to enjoy the whole experience and am now able to ignore all the little, uncontrollable kids. This site is very nice and they have quite a few different animals on site. I’m a sucker for cute animals.

I’m also a bit of a sucker for Instagram at the moment- if you play around with it, you can get some lovely photos.

I saw horses, ducks, cockerels, goats, peacocks and pigs. The pigs were lovely little things and one in particular kept following me up and down the fence and would let me stroke him. I named him Bacon.

Here’s a picture of Bacon, tweaked somewhat with Instagram:

Little Piggy

4 Replies to “This Little Piggy”

  1. Yes. Let us spend years creating technology to get an image as close to real life as possible. And then minutes destroying that work with Instagram. Brilliant!

    1. Technology is always evolving and the camera I used to take the photo was an iPhone. Instagram is also technology, although it can be used in harmony with other types of technology, ie cameras/smartphones.

      To say that Instagram destroyed my hard work of aiming a camera and pressing a button is quite absurd- Instagram was used purely in conjunction with my camera to enhance the photo.

  2. I noticed I had spelled your user name wrong on Twitter when I came back to Thailand Would have been cool to hook up over some Sake. Since returning, there’s not a day goes by when I don’t think of Japan’s easily the best country I’ve ever visited. The barrier to beat the living/lifestyle out there is going to be tough!Best of luck with your travels; Hope it works out for you and the mi!

    1. You ‘spelled’ my user name wrong? That doesn’t surprise me as spelling is clearly not your forte.

      If Japan is such a great country, perhaps you should fuck off back there and spam some Japanese blogs instead.

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