Alice? Who the Fuck is Alice?

In the previous post, I wrote about how people ask a question in the Daily Mirror and how someone who knows the answer would reply. I said that some of the questions were plain boring, but this got me thinking and now I’m wondering something else.

How do the people at the Daily Mirror know whether or not the answer(s) being provided is/are correct? Do they have time to do research and make sure the information is correct before publishing it?

Sometimes, someone will write in with a reply to a previous question and a few days later, someone else will write in and say that the first answer was wrong or inaccurate. This makes me think that no one at the Daily Mirror checks these answers. It also makes me wonder how easily someone could be misled on the credibility of a complete stranger. What would happen if someone with a posh name emailed an answer to the Daily Mirror from a genuine-sounding company email account, with a fairly credible answer? You know what’s coming next, right?

Ladies and gentleman, I have decided to answer the following question, which was published in the Daily Mirror today:

“Who was England’s first queen and when did she reign?”


I had to make it sound as if I know what I was talking about. I decided that our first ever queen would be called Alice (Alice? Who the fuck is Alice??) and that she would have been from good old Southend on Sea in Essex. Sounds believable to me.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that anyone at the Daily Mirror will pay attention to my email and even if they do, it’s highly unlikely that my answer will be published- confusion will probably be caused when other people write in with the correct answer. Fingers crossed, eh?

My email to the Daily Mirror in response to the question published today (apologies for the poor image):

Email to Daily Mirror

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