As is usual during hot weather, I open all of the windows in the conservatory as otherwise, it becomes an oven. Open windows usually tempt all types of flying insects into my house, which are usually pests. But not today.

I heard an incredibly loud buzzing and thumping noises so went to investigate. I didn’t find the usual horsefly or mosquito bouncing into a window, but instead came across a pretty big dragonfly.

I usually see dragonflies in the garden all of the time, but as they’re always darting around in flight, there’s never an opportunity to take a picture of one. The one in my conservatory obviously became worn out (or realised that no matter how hard it tried, it wasn’t going to penetrate glass under any circumstances) so landed for a rest and to hatch a sensible escape plan. Whilst it was doing this, I managed to take a pretty decent photo of it:


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