Work for Benefits? Preposterous!

Another letter in the paper today has caught my eye. In it, a reader complains that people will have to work for their benefits.

The letter read:

So the Tories propose that school-leavers and young unemployed work for their benefits. This comes as no surprise.
It is part of Tory dogma that they get as much out of the working class for as little as possible. If the unemployed are forced to work for benefits they should be paid a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work and not used as slave labour.
D Sutcliffe, Spennymoor, Co Durham

Are you being serious? I, as a taxpayer and therefore a contributor to the benefits which are paid to school-leavers and the young unemployed, would be disgusted if my hard-earned money was being used to pay a full salary each year to someone who’s too lazy to get their own job.

Hopefully, their contribution and payback will provide sufficient incentive to go and look for a job.

There are jobs out there. Yes, they may be low paid and yes, they may not be the most exciting jobs. But they are jobs all the same.

Beggars can’t be choosers. Either stop being fussy and get a job or be grateful that you’ve got any form of income at all and accept that you need to earn it.

Thousands of people have become complacent and expect to be paid benefits for doing fuck-all. I for one am happy that Labour are no longer bleeding the country dry and that the current government are working hard to fix the mess made.

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