Could Queen Alice Be Believable?

In the previous post “Alice? Who the Fuck is Alice??“, I supplied the Daily Mirror with an answer to a reader’s question. Although I made it appear as though I knew what I was talking about, my reply was utter nonsense and I didn’t expect to hear anything further of it.

I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when I received an email from none other than Fiona Parker of ‘Your Letters’ in the Daily Mirror. She thanked me for my “thoughtful” answer (I suspect that I would have received the same generic email even if my answer was “who cares? Look it up on the internet.“) and asked for my location:

Email reply

This was most exciting. Perhaps Fiona would like to know more about the history of English monarchs from the 1100’s onwards? As well as providing her with my location (I’ve decided that Reginald Fenwick lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire), I offered to provide with further information if required- I suspect she won’t be wanting this though. Here’s my reply to Fiona:

My reply to Fiona

Banbury seems like a good place for Reginald to live and Brunswick Place appeared on the websites of a couple of estate agents- it looks like a relatively new development and I think Reginald would be quite happy there. With hindsight, the fact that so many people at Brunswick Place are trying to sell their homes could be an indication of a darker side to this park of Oxford, but I’ve sent the email now.

All we can do now is watch and wait.

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