The Queen’s Tits

Want to see a photo of Kate Middleton, topless? Then read on…

In case you live in a cave and don’t have the internet (do such people even exist any more?), Kate Middleton, who married Prince William last year, was sunbathing topless at a private chateau in France recently. A photographer managed to get photos of her with her baps out which have now been published in Closer magazine and this has angered the Royal Family as well as most of Twitter, by the sounds of it.

Kate topless
The image is clearly from and has something to do with someone on Twiitter, known as @MrJimmyCorkhill.

I really don’t see why there’s more fuss about this than when other people are snapped topless. There’s never an uproar when your average celebrities are snapped topless and their photos splashed across the first few pages of every single tabloid and lads’ mag in the UK. What’s so different about Kate?

Yes, she’ll probably be our queen one day, but she’s still just a normal human-being who does normal human-being type of stuff. Prince William will be flying a helicopter in Iraq, just like a normal soldier. No one seems too bothered about that, despite him being a risk to the rest of his team as he’ll be an obvious target.

Why do the Royal Family think that topless photos of Kate Middleton are so different to topless photos of Victoria Beckham or Rhinna?

It’s funny to think that in 50 years time, when Kate’s in her 70’s and she’s then the Queen’s mum, the thought of her topless will make people shudder with disgust. You don’t imagine royalty every being young and hot, do you?

If you Google enough, you can find the topless pictures in question, though the only ones I found were photos of Closer magazine, from the pages that had the photos (photos of photos, is what I’m trying to say). You can find these on the Egotastic website. If we’re being honest (and quite blunt), I’m rather disappointed with Kate’s boobs- they’re not very spectacular at all and if anything, they’re a little bit ropey. I expected something a little better from such a pedigree. I still reckon that she takes it up the arse though.

The main issue here is Privacy Laws. Everybody has the right to privacy, especially within their own home or on private property. I don’t agree that a photographer can just climb a wall and be able to take photos of someone, regardless of what they’re doing. If someone’s out and about when they’re photographed, then that’s different. If you can’t escape everything by being somewhere private, then the world has become a very sad, public place.


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  1. Who do you think you are to slag off a beautiful woman who could one day be our queen? I bet she’s much more attractive and has achieved much more than you. I think she’s got a lovely figure and that you should get a life!!!!!

    1. I think your missing the point of Ninja’s article. Ninja respectfully states that she has a right to privacy but NH believes that is a right which should be afforded to everyone regardless of class or status. NH then not so respectfully states she has ropey boobs but its an opinion, not a nice one but its an opinion which ninja is entitled to… and just to grind your gears… What has she achieved other than working for the family business and then marrying into the royal family?Lets give her a bit longer in the role and time to actually make an achievement (which i am sure she will) before we go overboard ay? and being beautiful, which i agree she is, is not an achievement.

      1. Thank you for defending me, Michelle.

        As you said, it’s my opinion and my opinion only. Either people or agree or they don’t- it’s very simple.

        I would add that anyone who thinks that Kate Middleton has a nice pair bangers has clearly got shit in their eyes- that too is just my opinion.

    2. I’m entitled to my opinions, as are you.

      Forgive me for my ignorance, but I don’t believe that in the grand scheme of things, Kate Middleton has achieved a huge amount. I’ll agree that she’s certainly more attractive than me. She does have a lovely figure but I have better boobs.

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