Running Late For Work

I was a bit late for work this morning. Not because I overslept, not because I couldn’t find my y-fronts and not because I caught my willy in my zip again. I was late for work for a very good reason.This is another one of those boring posts that I’m publishing simply because I want to share this on the internet, so I apologise in advance.

I was late because amongst the birds all feeding in my garden this morning were a pair of white doves. They’ve visited me before and I did get a grainy picture of them on my camera phone once but I’ve been dying to get a decent photo,

I watched them for a minute and wondered whether or not to go upstairs to fetch the camera. The likelihood was that they would disappear just as I returned, but I figured I had nothing to lose, so off I trotted.

I returned and the two white doves were still there, much to my surprise, so I managed to get some photos of them. At one point, one of them started to hop towards me (see the second photo) before taking flight and perching on the roof of my house, where I managed to get another few photos before he flew off; note the lovely, blue sky in the last two photos.

For those of you still reading this, here are 4 of the photos I took this morning and which made me late for work.


Bold as brass

On the roof

Roof again

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