When Tea Goes Wrong

I have an amazing coffee maker but have recently started to drink fresh tea. I had visions of coming home to freshly made tea, produced by my coffee maker at whichever time I set it to come on at.

Tea maker? No.I experimented to see if this was feasible, but the experiment went wrong. Very wrong. So wrong that a large mess was made.

The idea was simple: stick the fresh tea where the coffee goes, remove the coffee jug (I’m sure it has a ‘proper’ name) so that the freshly made tea sits in the reservoir, brewing nicely, before sticking the coffee jug underneath, allowing the lovely tea to flow into it. It would then be a simple case of pouring the hot tea into a mug, before adding milk and sugar accordingly.

Admittedly, the mishap wouldn’t have occurred if I hadn’t used more water than the reservoir could hold. The excess water just spilled everywhere, dripped down into every possible hole, sizzling angrily away on the hot plate.

It was a good idea at the time but for now, the coffee maker makes coffee and the teapot makes tea.

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