Delayed Reaction

On 26th July of this year, I went to Thorpe Park and was a little pissed off that some of the rides there weren’t working. You’ll probably remember that I wrote about it.

Dotted around the park are notices, inviting visitors to text their comments about Thorpe Park. I did exactly that and text them:

Dear Thorpe Park,
Visited you today and an unreasonable amount of rides were closed.
Fortunately, I was able to ride on Swarm during one of the few periods when it was actually operational.
This alone didn’t make me fee like my last day of annual leave was any less wasted or that my visit wasn’t crap. Won’t be visiting you ever again.
Ninja Hedgehog

I even tweeted a similar thing to Thorpe Park on Twitter but received a reply to neither my text Message from Thorpe Parkmessage or my tweet. I just put this down to poor customer service.

Good news though! Thorpe Park customer services weren’t ignoring my comments at all; they were obviously just very busy and took a while to reply. I can only assume that my negative comments weren’t the only ones received and that it took them a while to sift through all of them.

On 17th September, I received a text message, which read:

Thanks for your feedback!
Your message is being processed… We’d love to hear more at our touch screen survey points in the Dome.

Immediately followed by a second message, which read:

Dear Guest, Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry we have had some technical difficulties today however everything is now open apart from Tidal Wave and Slammer and we did try to advertise this on our website and at the front of the park. In light of your comments we would like to offer you and your group 1 free Fastrack pass to allow all of you on a ride of your choice. To claim this, please visit guest services with this txt.

Message from Thorpe ParkIt’s a fairly long journey to make back to Thorpe Park, just for the use of a free Fastrack pass, so I won’t be doing that.

To receive a reply nearly 2 months after I made my comments is a bit of a poor effort, if you want my opinion. If you didn’t want my opinion, it’s tough shit because I’ve given it now anyway.

I decided to complain about the fact that Thorpe Park took so long to reply to me and that their offer of a free Fastrack pass was of no use to me whatsoever.

I used the Thorpe Park website to submit my new complaint. I basically asked why they were contacting me nearly 2 months after I sent the text message, how they can say that everything is up and running, apart from Tidal Wave and Slammer (surely they should have simply said that Tidal Wave and Slammer are the only two rides not working), how they “did try” to advertise the fact that some of the rides weren’t working (either they were successful in doing this or they weren’t) and why The Swarm was open when it clearly hadn’t been tested fully.

Their website says that they aim to reply to messages in 5 working days, although this could be longer during busy periods.

I’ll post the reply here in March 2013, when Thorpe Park reply to me.

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