Car Man Dies in Sat-Nav Idiocy

Here’s why you should pay attention to road signs rather than blindly follow the spoken instructions from your sat-nav.Let’s be clear; sat-navs will generally calculate the quickest route for you. They then display directions in real time as well as prompt you verbally. If the sat-nav didn’t tell you to stop at the traffic lights if they’re red, would you just carry on through every red light? Of course you wouldn’t.

A man was killed yesterday at a ford in Headley after his wife drove into the water and the car was swept down the stream. The man attempted to rescue their dog but he became trapped and drowned. A photo of the site shows the water level at just below 4 feet.

Why on earth did this woman attempt to drive through this in a small hatchback? Because of her actions, her husband is now dead.

Sat-navs are for guidance only and they do not remove the need for common sense out on the road. Anyone stupid enough to put themselves and others in such a dangerous situation should have their driving licence revoked.

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