Missing 5 Year Old

April Jones, a five year-old girl from Machynlleth in Wales, appears to have been¬†abducted and Dyfed Powys Police are desperately trying to find her. But there’s something I can’t get my head around.

April is five years-old, yet she was “out playing” at 7pm on a Monday night.

Machynlleth has been described as an area where you “can leave your back doors open”, although this is now clearly not the case.

Regardless of how safe an area is, why on earth would any decent parent allow a 5 year-old child to be out and unsupervised? Absolutely anything can happen to them.

I don’t have kids so I’m not able to write this from experience. However, I can tell you without a doubt that if I did have children, they certainly wouldn’t be allowed out without an adult until they were at least 10 years-old and even then, I’d have serious reservations.

Sadly, there’s plenty of perverts out there who want to do things to young children. These perverts use trust and kindness to lure their victims in- what better place to do this than in a town where you can leave your back doors open?

So far, Dyfed Powys Police have arrested a 46 year-old suspect and I sincerely hope that this arrest leads to the safe return of April.

Whilst April’s parents can’t be blamed for perverts and paedophiles, they can certainly be blamed without a doubt for their 5 year-old child going missing. They should be throughly ashamed of not caring enough about their daughter’s welfare to allow her to be out of their sight long enough for someone to¬†abduct her.

If they’d been out shopping and April was snatched in a split second, that’s a different thing entirely.

We only know that April has been abducted because another young child witnessed her getting into a vehicle. If this young child hadn’t witnessed this, how long would it have been before the alarm was raised? Were April’s parents expecting her back at 8 or 9pm? The whole situation is ridiculous and April’s parents should face a very serious line of questioning about their ability as parents.

I have no doubt that April’s parents are sick with worry; it must be an awful situation to be in and I don’t think anyone deserves to ever have to be faced with such circumstances. The loss that they’re feeling is more than enough punishment because I’m confident that deep down, they feel completely responsible and the that the guilt is destroying them.

I know that people will read this and think that I’m being unreasonable because we’re talking about a young child’s life, but that’s the problem with society these days.

Nobody is prepared to take responsibility for their own actions. I doubt April’s parents will ever hold their hands up and admit that they were fucking stupid in letting a young child out on her own. People may say that we should feel safe and kids should be able to go out on their own, but that’s not the case; we have to accept that.

I really do hope that April Jones is found. I also hope that when she is found, her parents face child neglect charges if for no other reason than to make every parent of a young child realise that no, it’s not ok to let your kid roam the streets because you’re too naive and irresponsible.

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