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Years ago, I had a blog at I used to post on it regularly, including regular updates on my journey to the Arctic Circle from the UK in a Fiat Cinquecento in 2009, for charity, don’t you know.

For reasons unknown, was just closed down and I was unable to blog on it any more. It’s amazing how hard it was/is to find an online blog that ‘felt’ nice and ‘useable’. I couldn’t find one that I liked so gave up, until recently. I’ve had a website and hosting for several years now and have primarily used it for hosting obscure things for friends and family. I have now decided to host my own blog, so that I can do as I please with it and don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s terms and conditions.
I usually have a lot to say, so I guess this is my chance. I have no idea how I’m going to encourage people to visit, but I will find a way. I will also see if anyone else I know would care to blog occasionally here, too. So, here’s to my first post which will hopefully be followed by many more.

About Ninja Hedgehog

I’m Ninja Hedgehog, the creator of the Ninja Hedgehog website. I've written various things over the years but started Ninja Hedgehog in October 2011. I write about all kind of subjects but will never write about sport. Ever.
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