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In “Good old Nokia phones” I was praising my old Nokia 9500. I wrote that article and then decided to see how long the battery lasted for.Here’s a screenshot taken just after I wrote the previous article- you can see it was taken at 17:29 on 22nd April:

Whilst browsing for midget porn, I became aware of the unmistakable do-do-do noise that a Nokia makes when the battery’s dying. I opened my ‘old phones’ drawer and sure enough, the Nokia 9500 was minutes away from dying (although I reckon I could have probably have left it for another hour or so).

This phone has simply been left on standby, ready to receive calls and text messages. I would say that since it was fully charged, I’ve used it for around 20 minutes whilst changing some settings and transferring some files via Bluetooth. Here’s a screenshot from just now:

In total, the battery lasted for 10 days, 6 hours and 38 minutes. I’d be very surprised if any current mobile phone could match that!

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