Madeleine is Dead

Despite many people thinking it, no one appears to have said it yet. Isn’t it about time the McCanns accept that their child won’t be found alive?

I can’t imagine it being easy for any parent to give up searching for their missing child, but I think it’s about time that Gerry and Kate are realistic about this.

MadeleineI would love for Madeleine to be found alive, just as everyone else would. The truth is, Madeleine is too high-profile now and has been for a long while. No one will ever know why she was taken or who took her but whatever the reasons, Madeleine cannot be sold or transported (if that was the intention) because everyone recognises her. Whatever the reasons for her being taken, I honestly believe that she was killed a long time ago in a panic.

Another thing that frustrates me about this whole thing is that had a young, single mum left her child alone on holiday and it had been snatched, the mum would have been labelled as chav scum and people would have spat at her in the street. As the McCanns are hard working doctors, everyone is sympathetic towards them and although they were in the spotlight over this intiially, any wrong-doing on their part has been ruled out.

I really do hope that Madeleine is found alive one day, but sadly, the odds are stacked up against her.

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