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Justin Lee Collins and Jimmy Savile

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Unless you’ve been living on the moon , you’re no doubt aware of Justin Lee Collins’ court case and the accusations made against Jimmy Savile. People have blogged lots of generic shit about them both.

Just to fill-in the moon-dwellers, Justin Lee Collins was found guilty of harassing his ex-girlfriend, Anna Larke, and was sentenced to 140 hours of community work.

During the 8 or 9 months that Justin and Anna were together, he made her sleep facing him, made her get rid of any DVDs which starred actors she fancied and made her detail all of her previous sexual encounters in a note pad, just to list a few things.

Jimmy Savile, who was knighted in 1990 for charitable services, has been accused of raping or indecently assaulting teenage girls in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Most of these claims have arisen after he died nearly a year ago.

So, what’s my problem with what people have written about these two subjects?

Let”s start with Justin Lee Collins. He apparently rose to fame when he co-hosted The Friday Night Project, which is surprising because he’s an annoying twat and that show was a load of crap. I suppose this speaks volumes about his career.

Justin was found guilty by a jury. The truth is, we’ll never really know what went on between him and Anna Larke, but clearly the Jury believed that they had seen enough evidence to prove Justin’s guilt. That’s fine, because that’s how our justice system works.

The focus has been diverted away from the fact that Anna had issues and wasn’t quite so innocent herself. She would regularly text and ring Justin, which you could class as harassment too. A recording of Justin verbally abusing Anna was played to the court, but this doesn’t prove whether or not it was a regular occurrence and certainly doesn’t prove that Anna wasn’t just as abusive. For Anna to record a conversation, she must have had a recording device poised and at the ready. Was this pure chance or a little too convenient? No one else will ever know.

Justin’s ex-wife has expressed her shock over the accusations made against him and has said that he is “gentle, kind and generous“. She has 2 kids with Justin and was married to him, so surely she’d be a good character witness for him? She owes nothing to him, as he had previously had an affair with Anna behind his wife’s back.

People are complaining about Justin’s sentence, as the judge could have sentenced him to a maximum of 5 years in prison.

A maximum sentence is simply that; the maximum term or punishment that can be handed out. Can you imagine the state of the prison system if every law-breaker was handed the maximum sentence for the offence they’re found guilty of?

The judge imposed a sentence which he believed would cause Justin the most inconvenience, which is exactly what a punishment should be. If a millionaire breaks the law, a fine of £5,000.00 is peanuts to him or her. Make that millionaire do some unpaid charity work and that will be a much harsher penalty for them.

Of course, the above is only an example; Justin isn’t a millionaire. The judge did say “This is humbling work for someone who lives a prominent public life, but the very humility that manual work will induce will make you pause and think about what you have done”, so he clearly has thought about the sentence he was giving.

The other thing about this which is getting on my tits are the people bleating about how this is a smack in the face to women, as it just makes men think they can get away with abusing them.

Domestic abuse is disgusting- there’s no need for it and when it starts to happen in a relationship, the victim should just walk away. I know this is a great idea in theory, but walking away isn’t always that easy for various reasons.

These do-gooders and fighters for women’s rights are forgetting something.

Domestic abuse affects women and men. I couldn’t find exact figures, as they’re purely estimates, but a surprisingly large proportion of men are victims of domestic abuse too.

Men shouldn’t hit women and women shouldn’t hit men; it’s very simple.

It really pisses me off when naive women on a power trip, who are so obsessed about being treated as an equal, get on their high horses and make everything about vaginas. Sometimes, it seems that these hypocrites think that women are suddenly more important than men, rather than being equal to them.

Is Justin really guilty? We’ll never know. Has he received a suitable punishment? If guilty, yes.

Great, so I’ve cleared that up. Now for Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy died last October and a recent documentary was aired which revealed he sexually abused teenage girls. Since then, a large number of women have come forward to say that they were also sexually abused by Jimmy.

We’ll never find out the truth now, because Jimmy’s dead. Why didn’t these victims come out whilst he was still alive? If they’d had said something at the time, Jimmy could have been stopped and no more teenage girls would have been abused.

But it’s not that simple, you say. His victims would have been worried about being accused of making it up- it would be terrible for no one to believe you about such a thing.

I agree and I completely understand. But considering that all of his victims are now adults, why do they suddenly feel that no one will doubt them simply because Jimmy’s dead? What’s the difference between now and 5, 10 or 20 years ago?

For people to keep this quiet for so long is pretty sad and it must have been incredibly hard living with such a big secret. But speaking up years and years ago could have seen Jimmy being caught and punished for it. Now that he’s dead, no one can do anything about it. He can’t even be stripped of his knighthood.

A good example of keeping it quiet is that June Thornton was recovering from an operation at Leeds General Infirmary when she witnessed Jimmy abuse a young girl with brain damage. June said: “he started kissing her neck, running his hands up and down her arms, and then started to molest her. Because I was laid flat on my back, there was nothing I could do.”

What about afterwards, when she was no longer flat on her back? There’s no excuse.

In 2007, Jimmy was interviewed under caution by the police regarding allegations of sexual abuse in the 1970’s, but any investigation was stopped due to insufficient evidence.

In 2008, Jimmy started legal proceedings against The Sun newspaper as he claimed that false allegations were made regarding him visiting a care home in Jersey, which had been at the centre of an abuse scandal. Jimmy claimed he’d never visited this care home, but when a photo of him at the care home appeared, he obviously ceased legal proceedings. Again, he was investigated for sexual abuse but this was stopped due to insufficient evidence.

I suspect that Jimmy did abuse all of these people. I always found him to be a bit creepy and he was perfectly positioned to take advantage of kids. He was a big celebrity and the thought of reporting him for sexual abuse must have been terrifying, but as soon as these children were old enough to realise that they wouldn’t be accused of making it up, they should have gone to the police. That way, Jimmy wouldn’t have been able to ruin anyone else’s lives and he would have received some form of punishment.

Are you one of the people who have jumped up on your high horse regarding these two people?

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8 Responses to Change the Record

  1. Sarah Hawkins says:

    I agree with you. Id never thought about it before but your right- it is the same stuff thats being written about them both.Sometimes it seems that people just want an excuse to blame someone or something and make an issue out of something just to prove a point.

    • Ninja Hedgehog says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Some people do seem intent on writing something and playing safe by “going with the flow”. If you’re going to write an article, you should make sure you’re not just spouting generic crap that will make a specific group applaud you.

  2. Linda Thompson says:

    I think your article has been written purely to provoke a reaction. You deliberately single out women who are entitled to speak out and make the Western World realise that women are equal.
    You’re basically condoning the actions of both Jimmy Saville and Justin Lee Collins.
    If your blog was printed, I’d use it as toilet paper.

    • Ninja Hedgehog says:

      You are a vulgar woman and I’m struggling to believe that your comment is genuine. Are you being serious?

      How you’ve concluded that I’m condoning any sort of violence or abuse is far beyond me. You clearly have some sort of bizarre agenda.

  3. Johnny says:

    It’s women like you who make a mockery out of womens’ rights. You clearly haven’t read the article properly, either out of laziness or incompetence.
    Ninja Hedgehog clearly isn;t condoning anything and is making some very valid points.
    Avoid embarrassing yourself in future by not making ridiculous statements.
    Ninja Hedgehog, you make a great point and I’ll subscribing to your blog.

    • Ninja Hedgehog says:

      Thank you for your comment!

      Linda Thompson lives in a fantasy world and I’m glad that someone else can see that!

      I notice you haven’t actually subscribed to Ninja Hedgehog yet, by the way… come on!

  4. Fuck you says:

    You’re a twat

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