Caught People Spotting

People Spotting is the art of discreetly taking photos of curious-looking individuals without being caught doing it. I got caught.

I know; People Spotting is shallow, mean, cruel heartless etc. I’m a complete bastard for doing it, but I’m already going to hell for other things I’ve done so I’ve got nothing to lose.

I was in a pub in Blackheath Village on Friday night (I think it was The Railway) and a very peculiar woman came in with a companion. For some reason, she stood out and being slightly ‘merry’, I decided that I wanted to collect her.

I discreetly angled my phone at her to take a photo, but she cottoned on to me immediately and posed for the photo by using her middle finger.

I swear this woman had some sort of radar; I was definitely discreet.

People-Spotting spotted

Do you enjoy a bit of People Spotting? Is it a cruel hobby?

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