Always Willing to Help Argos

I recently provided a fair and accurate product review of a lawn mower I purchased from Argos. This wasn’t published because Argos felt that parts of my review were not relevant to the product and although I disagree, I’m not a bitter person and will continue to help Argos out where possible.

I was recently looking at coffee makers and came across one that appears to suit my needs, but the description wasn’t clear on whether or not the coffee maker was suitable for making hot lemon.

What is one to do? I had a legitimate question which I wanted to ask but was fearful of rejection, once again. Despite my fears, I asked the question anyway and didn’t think any more of it.

This morning, I received an email from Argos, to confirm that my question has been posted on their website (under Nice hot drinks).

Wow! Now someone will be able to answer my genuine, product question! Ninja Hedgehog – 1, Argos – 1.

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