Shorne Woods, Shorne

Every now and again, I like to take the dogs for a nice, long walk through a country park, just so that I can appreciate nature a little bit. Whilst at Shorne Woods today, I took a couple of photos.

The photos are nothing spectacular, but when something catches my eye, I have to take a photo of it (hence my love of People Spotting).

I saw some wild mushrooms, which make for some very interesting photos. Unless, of course, other people’s random photos bore you to death. Especially other people’s random mushroom photos.

I did the best I could, given that I only had my camera-phone with me; my ‘proper’ camera would have yielded much crisper, clearer images. I’ve started to use Instagram rather a lot because it does bring out the best in some photos taken on a camera-phone.

2 Replies to “Shorne Woods, Shorne”

  1. I used to take my two dogs there, until they charged after a rabbit into that shitty swamp up the main track. We’ve not been back since

    1. Eddie loves the shitty swamp there too, so he stays on his lead until I’m beyond that bit and he’s forgotten all about it.

      I wonder if you can cook and eat those weird mushrooms?

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