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The other day, I wrote a bit about Samantha Brick and how she”d angered a few people. At the time, I thought that perhaps she was just misunderstood. I did a little more reading today and can confirm that she is definitely not misunderstood.I performed a quick search of her articles for the Daily Mail and the titles/excerpts say a surprising amount about her. Here are the titles, in chronological order with my observations (based purely on the title) under each one:

Catfights over handbags and tears in the toilets. With her women-only TV company this producer thought she”d kissed goodbye to conflict…

Brick thinks she has waved conflict goodbye by having a female-only TV company. Anyone knows that women who live/work together all have their periods at the same time so there was always the risk that for the same few days every month, there would be tears and fights. Sounds like an incredibly short-sighted idea, if you ask me. It”s a good thing that Brick doesn’t claim to be well-educated.

How could a well-educated TV executive let her addiction to psychics cost her £25,000 and ruin her marriage?

More importantly, did the psychic warn her that she”d be £25k in debt and that her marriage would fail? If so, then she got her money”s worth. I don”t understand how ANYONE (well-educated or otherwise) can believe that their future has already been determined and that there is no way to change this. Don”t waste time with psychics- spend the time making your life what you want it to be.

The stepmother strikes back: Why it”s one of the most thankless tasks in the world

Having not read the articles, I’m not sure if Brick is the stepmother or if she”s referring to her own stepmother. If Brick IS the stepmother here, then her stepchild/children have my sympathy.

How TV is run by sexist pigs who only want one thing (and it’s not ratings): A shocking inside account from a former TV exec

This is confusing as in one of the articles above, Brick runs her own all-female TV company. I’m glad that she agrees this is sexist but don”t know what the “one thing” is. Is it a bulk discount on Tampax?

Ooh la lard! Au revoir frogs’ legs… bonjour Le Big Mac (with a pizza on the side). Yes, French women DO get fat

I think I read somewhere that Brick moved to France. From the sounds of it, she”s put on some weight.

Never moan about ze mistress: How to survive as a French wife

Is this correct? Surely she”s an English wife? Maybe this is why she”s trying to survive- she doesn’t seem to know whether she”s French or English.

I can ménage, thank you: The career girl who gave it all up to become a housewife in rural France

The career girl who gave it all up? Didn’t she fail with her sexist TV company, get £25k into debt over an addiction to psychics, fail her marriage, move to France and get fat?

Samantha Brick: Why a magazine for large women is just a big, fat con (and I should know, I used to be a size 16)

Is she larger or smaller than a size 16 now? On top of all her other issues, Brick used to be on the rounder side which qualifies her in knowing whether or not magazines are a big, fat con. The magazines are only a con because of the articles written within them. By article writers.

Why my husband says he”ll divorce me if I get fat

Is this the new husband or the old one? Must be the new, French hubby. At least he”s honest and it”s no surprise that Brick has married someone that seems every bit as shallow as herself. What if she goes up to a size 16 again?? If her husband knows much about her past, my moneys on him divorcing her because he”s worried she”ll spunk £25k on stupid things.

Real-life relationships: I married a man-child

Maybe that”s why he”d divorce Brick for getting fat. No child wants a fat wife, do they? What is a man-child anyway? Isn’t that someone who can barely look after them self? This well-educated woman is doing amazingly well for herself and all without the aid of a psychic.

I”ll always be that fat girl: Samantha Brick has always obsessed about her weight… all because she was a chubby child

I hope not- it would be a shame for her husband to divorce her. I sincerely hope that one day, Brick can see her inner beauty and realise that she”s more beautiful than anyone else in the world.

This life: Samantha Brick on why prenups show you really care

Gifts, signs of affection, loving words- women hate that shit. What a woman wants is a prenup so that someone doesn’t lose out financially when the marriage goes tits-up. This is where a psychic may come in handy as the marriage is already considered doomed from the start if the only thing you”re worrying about is who gets what when you divorce.

Liberté, egalité … maternité? The trials of trying for a baby in France

Is it different to trying for a baby in England? Good luck with that man-child of yours- just wait until you get fat during pregnancy. Your husband will divorce you in a heartbeat, but at least he won”t get your cash. Or you won”t get his.

Would YOU let your husband dress you? Samantha does and says she”s never looked better

This is evidently what makes Brick so beautiful. Evidently, her French, man-child, fat-hating hubby has impeccable taste. Maybe he can dress me too? He”ll have to sign a prenup first…

Don”t eat anything that won”t fit on a fork: It”s the daftest diet ever, but it actually works!

If it doesn’t fit on the fork, how would you get it in your mouth anyway? Does Brick use a shovel? That may explain the weight gain.

I use my sex appeal to get ahead at work… and so does ANY woman with any sense

Wow- I bet that benefited Brick when she ran her female-only TV company. But wait, didn’t Brick moan previously that TV is run by sexist pigs who only want one thing? So, in one breath, Brick criticises this type of behaviour but now she”s decided that this can be used to be benefit? Everyone loves a woman who has morals.

The adult acne epidemic: Forget teenagers – modern lifestyles mean middle-aged women increasingly suffer the misery of bad skin

Oh, bless. Fat AND spotty. I’m sure the spots will clear up and Brick will be beautiful one day…

What makes me so certain I’m beautiful? Daddy”s love… Samantha Brick reveals the secret of her self-belief

Seriously? Every little girl is told by their father that they”re beautiful. Can you imagine any parent telling their daughter that she”s a pig? Don”t be silly. Maybe her father told her she was arrogant too…

The I”m so beautiful backlash: In yesterday”s Mail, Samantha Brick claimed other women loathe her for being too attractive. It provoked a worldwide internet storm. Here she says: This bile just proves I’m right

No, the backlash proves that you”re an idiot. Brick has no morals and seems to contradict herself in some of the articles that she writes. I get the impression that Brick wants to be recognised for her work but can”t help slipping in the fact that”s she”s female for that little added boost.

”There are downsides to looking this pretty”: Why women hate me for being beautiful

I”d say there were more downsides to being a twat. Women don”t hate you because you”re beautiful, they hate you because you”re average looking but think you”re something special.

Channel hoppers: How our French dream became a nightmare…

Because all of the TV channels are in a different language? Is there as much sexism on TV in France? I think the French dream became a nightmare at the time of admitting that you married a man-child who dresses you and will divorce you if you get fat.

”Sorry, some women ARE too ugly for TV”: So says that self-proclaimed beauty, and former TV executive, Samantha Brick

Yes, society prefers pretty people on TV. On the bright side, you can”t accuse anyone of being sexist and of only being after one thing. You can”t have it all ways, Brick.

So, there we have it. Brick is a very arrogant individual who has no morals. She evidently does what she needs to do to get anywhere in life which is what she”s doing with these articles of hers. If it were me, I”d be slightly embarrassed by a lack of integrity.

In summary, Brick”s articles are nothing but mere drivel, written with the sole intention of provoking a reaction. It”s a shame, because I have no doubt that Brick is intelligent and if she put her mind to it, I’m sure she could write an article that people would read and enjoy. Unfortunately, Brick is determined to write articles that just annoy people and isn’t aware that any credibility she had, is fading away very, very quickly…

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