Royal Fail

Royal Fail

You’d think that after my recent experience with Wish, I would know better than to order items from China just to save a few quid. I have found to my own detriment that doing so costs more in time and in frustration, which far outweighs the initial monetary savings made.

Like a small child, someone with learning difficulties or a chimp, I need to make the same mistake several times before I eventually learn my lesson. continue reading

Home Shopping Win

I’m going to share a little tip with you.

If you do grocery shopping with Sainsbury’s online, you get money off your first order as a new customer (up to £20.00). This is great.

What’s even better is that Sainsbury’s don’t appear to check your delivery address to see if you really are a new customer. continue reading

Move It or Lose It

Stair TwatYou finish work at 5pm on a Friday afternoon. You’ve been lucky enough to manage your day so that as soon as this magical time arrives, you can simply get up and leave work. It’s Saturday tomorrow, but in your mind it’s already the weekend. Nothing or no one is going to stop you from enjoying this weekend, right from 5pm. continue reading

Pandora’s Box of Reason

BaPandora's Box of Reasonck in January, I wrote about an issue I had with some Pandora jewellery and how the store I’d purchased it from weren’t interested in doing anything to help me with the problem (or even apologise for the fact that I’d felt there was cause to complain). I said I’d contact Pandora directly, which is what I did, but due to laziness I didn’t come back to share the outcome with you. continue reading


TalkTalkTalkTalk are now finally out of my life and I couldn’t be happier. My contract with them was due to run out in May and I had been quite happy with them, but after all this disconnection nonsense I couldn’t get away quickly enough. TalkTalk have been absolutely and without any doubt whatsoever, a massive pile of steaming shit. I now hate TalkTalk with a passion. continue reading

Junk Mail: The End

Priority InvitationSome time ago I made a complaint to ASA about some unsolicited marketing material received from Vanquis. I felt that it was misleading in it’s presentation which implied that it was of importance, rather than being simply marketing material. I had no idea that such a thorough investigation and presentation of the facts would be made and this complaint taken as far as it was. continue reading

Unsubscribing from Email

Unsubscribing from EmailI’m very careful about the boxes I tick when I’m signing up to a new service or for a new product. I’m usually so careful, I even notice the boxes that need to be ticked so that I don’t receive promotional material or sales gumph from carefully selected third parties. continue reading