Taking the Wizz

I had to book some airline tickets for later on in the year and like most other people, I wanted to pay as little for them as possible.

There’s several airlines to choose from; each offering different routes and vastly different prices, dependant entirely upon what you want from your flight. I went for the ‘no-frills’ approach and booked my tickets with Wizz Air. Continue reading “Taking the Wizz”

Royal Fail

Royal Fail

You’d think that after my recent experience with Wish, I would know better than to order items from China just to save a few quid. I have found to my own detriment that doing so costs more in time and in frustration, which far outweighs the initial monetary savings made.

Like a small child, someone with learning difficulties or a chimp, I need to make the same mistake several times before I eventually learn my lesson. Continue reading “Royal Fail”

Pandora’s Box of Reason

BaPandora's Box of Reasonck in January, I wrote about an issue I had with some Pandora jewellery and how the store I’d purchased it from weren’t interested in doing anything to help me with the problem (or even apologise for the fact that I’d felt there was cause to complain). I said I’d contact Pandora directly, which is what I did, but due to laziness I didn’t come back to share the outcome with you. Continue reading “Pandora’s Box of Reason”