I Hate Spam

Nobody likes spam email or junk mail, but at least junk mail is a little easier to manage. If it’s random crap about enlarging your penis or using Viagra (I visited those sites once by accident- I swear) it’s almost acceptable because those trying to sell you such products know that in all likelihood, you’d be too embarrassed to buy those items via mainstream outlets so they have nothing to lose. They’ve literally got a captive audience by the short and curlies.

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Taking the Wizz

I had to book some airline tickets for later on in the year and like most other people, I wanted to pay as little for them as possible.

There’s several airlines to choose from; each offering different routes and vastly different prices, dependant entirely upon what you want from your flight. I went for the ‘no-frills’ approach and booked my tickets with Wizz Air. Continue reading “Taking the Wizz”

Manchester Bombing

As we all know, there was a terrorist attack at Manchester Arena last night  at the end of an Ariana Grande concert.

At approximately 22:30, a suicide bomber detonated a nail bomb, injuring dozens and at the time of writing this, killing twenty-two innocent people; some of whom were just children. Islamic State have taken responsibility for this attack. I was going to refer to this as a cowardly attack, but when isn’t detonating a bomb as part of a calculated attack against hundreds or thousands of people not cowardly?

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I Wish I Hadn’t

 A few months ago, a friend introduced me to Wish (although I think I’d seen adverts for it pop up on my Facebook feed at various points).

My friend had bought a horse mask (don’t ask because I don’t know) from Wish via their mobile app so I had a look, only to find that you can buy most things you’d need to buy and just as many things which were completely unnecessary but which you (me) may buy anyway. Best of all, the stuff on Wish is very cheap.
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Those Idiot Out Voters

Write for Ninja HedgehogI’m just a normal mother, wife, woman and worker. I finished school at sixth form and flirted with Uni but ended up going straight into employment. I consider myself –not stupid. I have two beautifully wonderful and at times equally horrid boys whom I love more than life itself. And the decision I make at the referendum is scaring the shit out of me. Mainly because it’s not really my future I’m voting on. Continue reading “Those Idiot Out Voters”

Hacking Bastards

LockoutsA couple of weeks ago,  I opened up Ninja Hedgehog to allow a little interactivity and social shenanigans via the use of personalised messaging. I thought it would be fun for people sign up and “join in”.

The good news is that 236 people joined Ninja Hedgehog to set up groups or to interact with each other.

The bad news is that at least 200 of these members are utter bastards and only went to the effort of setting up an account on Ninja Hedgehog for the purpose of spamming and general annoyance. Continue reading “Hacking Bastards”