Manchester Bombing

As we all know, there was a terrorist attack at Manchester Arena last night  at the end of an Ariana Grande concert.

At approximately 22:30, a suicide bomber detonated a nail bomb, injuring dozens and at the time of writing this, killing twenty-two innocent people; some of whom were just children. Islamic State have taken responsibility for this attack. I was going to refer to this as a cowardly attack, but when isn’t detonating a bomb as part of a calculated attack against hundreds or thousands of people not cowardly?

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Angry and Outraged


SmileI read an article in the Daily Mirror yesterday about a woman who took her kid to the play park, only to find a couple of undesirables passed-out in an apparent drug-induced slumber. Quite understandably, the mother was outraged and angry- as would most other normal people be. Play parks aren’t the place for adults without children , alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. continue reading

Leading Figure

Investment Rip-OffThe rear sections of newspapers are becoming ever more infested with adverts for organisations who want to claim something back on your behalf; whether it be mis-sold PPI or compensation for something which was probably your fault anyway.

The other day, there was a particularly large advert which stood out. As was intended by the giant advert, it piqued my attention enough for me to actually have a read, even though I knew I didn’t want to. continue reading

The Self-Righteous Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine KellyOn Saturday there wasn’t much to do and someone had left a copy of The Sun laying around.

After spending 8 minutes trying to work out which of the page 3 model’s boobs was bigger than the other and spending another 2 minutes wondering why her hands looked so old, I decided to have a read of the rest of the newspaper. continue reading

Tia Sharp: Close to Home

On Friday 3rd August, a 12 year old girl named Tia Sharp mysteriously disappeared from the New Addington area. Today, 9 days later, Stuart Hazell, the boyfriend of Tia’s Grandmother, Christine Sharp,  is charged with her murder. I had a suspicion that at least one family member would be involved. continue reading