Website Tweaks

I’ve fiddled around with the website and made the URLS slightly more pleasing on the eye by shortening and simplifying them. I hope you like the subtle changes.

Find My Money

The little game I wanted to play by trying to track my ex-£5 note has so far failed. Despite scribbling some contact details on it, no one has been in touch.

I’ve now scribbled on a different £5 note and a £10 note too, doubling the chances of someone getting in touch. Save this link as a bookmark to follow the progress (if there is any).

The Sun Has Not Got His Hat On

Over the weekend just gone, I managed to get sunburn on my arms, face and neck.

I’m currently looking out of the window and it looks like it’s the middle of winter- it’s dark and grey.

Talk about extreme weather…

Groombridge Place: A Review

I’ve written a fair bit about Groombridge Place recently (see previous posts here). I went to visit it earlier this year but it was closed as the dates on it’s website had been wrong. I complained and after a fairly long delay, I received a reply with an apology and the offer of some courtesy tickets.

On Monday, I visited  Groombridge Place again and had a lovely time. I think it’s only fair that I write a little about my positive experience. Continue reading “Groombridge Place: A Review”

More People Spotting

Whilst at Groombridge Place yesterday, I saw this very cheery-looking German man (I could tell he was German from the fact that he and his wife were speaking French to each other).

Obviously, this guy or his wife haven’t seen the films from a particular franchise, which could be a bit of a Nightmare.

I was going to point out his tragic wardrobe mishap, but I was worried that he may slash me, so I took a photo instead.

Freddy Krueger

Missing £5 Note

I can’t believe that nobody else has received my ex-£5 note since I spent it earlier this month. I’m genuinely shocked.

If I don’t hear back by the end of May, I’m going to go large-scale and distribute several £5 (or £10) notes to see if I get a response.