Spot the Deliberate Mistake

Whilst out cruising for hookers during daylight hours recently, I was waiting in a car park when a passing car caught my eye.

The car had a UK registration plate despite being left-hand drive, but it wasn’t this that drew my attention to it.

I took some photos of the car, which are below. Take a look at them and see if you can spot the deliberate mistake.

Visa’s Response to Junk Mail Association

Priority InvitationA few days ago, I wrote about how Vanquis were using dubious advertising tactics on the junk mail that they send through our doors.

I sent an email to Visa, whose logo appeared on the envelope (which was more prominent than Vanquis‘ own logo), asking if they were aware that their logo was being used alongside some false/misleading information which was also on the envelope. Continue reading “Visa’s Response to Junk Mail Association”

Follow the Money

I hate admitting defeat, but I think it’s time to admit that my Follow the Money campaign may be a total flop.

Follow the Money

Somewhere in Kent, there’s two £5 notes and one £10 note with my details scrawled on them, in the hope that someone will spot the messages and contact me, to let me know that they’re in possession of my ex-money.

I don’t know whether my messages simply haven’t been spotted, whether they have been spotted but deliberately ignored or whether I’ve been unfortunate enough for all three notes to have been sent straight for incineration after I’d spent them.

I’m going to remain positive and hope that someone bothers to follow my scribbled instructions at some point. You never know, it may happen.

Cat Nav

CatAs I start to type this, those of you with nothing better to do will be switching over to BBC2 to tune into Horizon: The Secret Life of the Cat. Apparently, there’s such a thing as a cat scientist and extraordinarily, the UK has leading cat scientistsThe cat scientists intend to reveal the secret life of cats by tracking a select few for 24 hours in Shamley Green, Surrey. Continue reading “Cat Nav”