TalkTalkTalkTalk are now finally out of my life and I couldn’t be happier. My contract with them was due to run out in May and I had been quite happy with them, but after all this disconnection nonsense I couldn’t get away quickly enough. TalkTalk have been absolutely and without any doubt whatsoever, a massive pile of steaming shit. I now hate TalkTalk with a passion. continue reading

Speculation Without the Accumulation

Amazon Fire PhonesEverybody likes to make a little bit of money for relatively little effort and I recently saw an opportunity to do just that. Potentially, I could buy something at a ridiculously low price and then easily sell it for a large profit whilst keeping the price below the original, full price of the item in question. Nice and simple, if it goes to plan. continue reading

Money TalkTalks

TalkTalk Won't ListenListenI’ve recently experienced an issue with TalkTalk, which should have been relatively simple to resolve. Apparently, TalkTalk don’t think the issue is easy to resolve and are determined to make me suffer as much as possible. It now seems that despite my cancellation being cancelled, they’ve disconnected my telephone line anyway. continue reading

The Empty Space Where My Tax Disc Used to Be

AA StickerIn the old days, we used to have bits of circular paper in the windscreen of our cars. These were called tax discs and were proof that we’d paid for the privilege of driving our car on the roads for the current 6 or 12 month period.
From October 2014, these became electronic and there is no longer any need to display a tax disc in your car.

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Apparently, Bob is Dead

Memorial FundI’d like to firstly point out that all names have been changed in an effort to protect those who may not wish their details to be made public. This includes the name of someone who doesn’t deserve anonymity, but who has been granted it regardless.

All will become clear as you read on.
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