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From today, Ninja Hedgehog has gone considerably more interactive (as opposed to simply being able to comment on posts as a guest).

You can now sign up as a member and do the following:

  • Add other members as friends
  • ‘Mention’ other members (@username) publicly
  • Send private messages
  • Update your status
  • Post and reply to comments quicker and easier
  • Create and join public or private groups so that you, your Ninja Hedgehog friends and anyone else can join in with like-minded people

This is a “beta” service at the moment so may not work properly. If you need help or have any questions, you can mention me (@ninja), send me a private message or email

Come on and join in….

Windows Spam

Web WindowsI hate getting junk mail through my letterbox (as Vanquis Bank found out previously), I hate getting cold-called on my home or mobile number and I hate receiving spam email to my inbox. I hate all of this even more when an item or call is addressed directly to me, as this means that somehow, someone has obtained my details without having my permission to use them. continue reading

Reptile Shit

Apparently, this is a serious offering from the charismatic and awe-inspiring Nicki Minaj.

At first, I assumed it was a parody of a Nicki Minaj song but I couldn’t have been further from the truth- it’s this ridiculous to start off with.

On the bright side, at least a paradoy of Anaconda would give it some credibility.

I’m a Caravanner Again

caravan (1)In August 2012, I thought about buying a caravan but needed to see if I was allowed to tow one. I found out that I was and in December 2012, I took the plunge and became a caravanner.

Unfortunately, I had to sell my trusty Coachman Minge Mirage for various reasons at the beginning of 2014, but have been pining for a new one since. continue reading

Pandora’s Box of Reason

BaPandora's Box of Reasonck in January, I wrote about an issue I had with some Pandora jewellery and how the store I’d purchased it from weren’t interested in doing anything to help me with the problem (or even apologise for the fact that I’d felt there was cause to complain). I said I’d contact Pandora directly, which is what I did, but due to laziness I didn’t come back to share the outcome with you. continue reading