10k Unique Visitors in One Month

Like the title says- Ninja Hedgehog has seen over 10,000 unique visitors during June 2015! This is despite a distinct lack of posts during the last 12 months and an even more distinct lack of posts worth reading.

Ninja Hedgehog has never seen so many visitors in one month, so thank you for your support and dogged insistence on repeatedly visiting the website. 


United Colours of Lemming

United Colours of Pretentious Yesterday, I thought the screen on my iPad had gone wonky as when I checked Facebook, it looked like the black guy from the Skittles advert had emptied his bollocks all over the place. Turns out it was just everyone trying to pretend they give a shit about gay marriage by copying someone else who had changed their profile picture to resemble sections of the TV test card. continue reading

Calling Up the Past With Nokia

PhoneA few years ago, I became an iPhone convert after resisting Apple‘s seductive marketing for many years and finally deciding to sacrifice the privilege of being able to put music onto my phone without the use of proprietary software. Basically, like millions of others, I sold my soul to Apple.

The problem I have now is that I can’t imagine using any phone other than an iPhone, so having to go back to using a very basic Nokia can be quite a shock to the system. continue reading

Hacking Bastards

LockoutsA couple of weeks ago,  I opened up Ninja Hedgehog to allow a little interactivity and social shenanigans via the use of personalised messaging. I thought it would be fun for people sign up and “join in”.

The good news is that 236 people joined Ninja Hedgehog to set up groups or to interact with each other.

The bad news is that at least 200 of these members are utter bastards and only went to the effort of setting up an account on Ninja Hedgehog for the purpose of spamming and general annoyance. continue reading