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Ninja Hedgehog

The Ninja Hedgehog website was originally the collaborative effort of several of my personalities, but now has more than one real person writing posts. There is no specific genre; consider Ninja Hedgehog to be the online rambling of morons.

I’m Ninja Hedgehog and I will sometimes write things that you don’t agree with or which you find offensive. Please do not contact me to tell me this, as I will not remove/edit anything just because someone’s unhappy with what I’ve written. The only time I will edit any material is in the event that proof has been provided that I have been factually incorrect. My articles are the formation of my own opinions only, so please don’t contact me to tell me that you disagree with what I think.

Ninja Hedgehog can be accessed via ninjahedgehog.com, ninjahedgehog.co.uk and niho.me. The last address was created as a means to shorten otherwise lengthy links. Images displayed on Ninja Hedgehog are stored on nimages.co.uk (unless otherwise indicated) and podcasts are stored on nincasts.co.uk.

I have created various websites in the past and have written the occasional blog, but Ninja Hedgehog was created in October 2011.

Ninja Hedgehog is also the host of several other websites run by myself and others.

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