Temporary Facebook Ban

I recently posted this photo on Facebook and Twitter, but it seems that some people take things a little too seriously.

I’ve been banned from Facebook for 24 hours (apparently, for security) after having to confirm that there were no images containing nudity on my personal Facebook account.

This was the only photo which contains nudity and I quickly saw that the offending post had kindly been removed on my behalf.

I understand that we all have our own definition of “offensive”, but we also have the ability to close the tab on our web browser.

You wouldn’t visit a porn site and then start reporting the videos because they contain sex, would you?

I’m going with the positive spin here, which is that Ninja Hedgehog offended Facebook. I can live with that.

Muslamic Ray Gun?

This popped up on Facebook which is dangerous as after a glass or three of wine, I’m prone to buy things on Amazon or eBay which I don’t really need, but which I know I probably want. My judgement is never at it’s best in these scenarios. Imagine my excitement when I saw this futuristic-looking device. continue reading

Monkeying Around

FuckoffI know I’m going to be criticised for this article, but if you post something publicly on social media, you accept that others will see it and will potentially criticise you or what you’ve posted. I understand and accept this myself. Facebook has an abundance of bizarre and moronic posts which can keep you entertained for hours. continue reading

Move It or Lose It

Stair TwatYou finish work at 5pm on a Friday afternoon. You’ve been lucky enough to manage your day so that as soon as this magical time arrives, you can simply get up and leave work. It’s Saturday tomorrow, but in your mind it’s already the weekend. Nothing or no one is going to stop you from enjoying this weekend, right from 5pm. continue reading

United Colours of Lemming

United Colours of Pretentious Yesterday, I thought the screen on my iPad had gone wonky as when I checked Facebook, it looked like the black guy from the Skittles advert had emptied his bollocks all over the place. Turns out it was just everyone trying to pretend they give a shit about gay marriage by copying someone else who had changed their profile picture to resemble sections of the TV test card. continue reading

Mother of All Trolls

Write for Ninja HedgehogMy mother has always been interested in the workings of Facebook, I’m sure she’s an in-the-closet stalker, she’d fit perfectly as she is tiny. She grew up in Ireland way back in the day when the land and animals were tended by hard working, cracked human hands and has always had a fear of technology until recently. continue reading

Facebook Games Should Have a Health Warning

Write for Ninja HedgehogThis morning I woke up as normal and trundled down the stairs in my underpants wondering what the day would bring. I had woken up late and had decided to go to the boot fair as it would be pointless turning up after all the vultures had already had a chance to buy all the best junk. continue reading