Windows Spam

Web WindowsI hate getting junk mail through my letterbox (as Vanquis Bank found out previously), I hate getting cold-called on my home or mobile number and I hate receiving spam email to my inbox. I hate all of this even more when an item or call is addressed directly to me, as this means that somehow, someone has obtained my details without having my permission to use them. continue reading

Junk Mail: The End

Priority InvitationSome time ago I made a complaint to ASA about some unsolicited marketing material received from Vanquis. I felt that it was misleading in it’s presentation which implied that it was of importance, rather than being simply marketing material. I had no idea that such a thorough investigation and presentation of the facts would be made and this complaint taken as far as it was. continue reading

Junk Mail: In For a Penny…

Priority InvitationWhen I wrote about my doubts over the use of marketing material by Vanquis, I thought I would make my complaint to ASA, explain why I felt there was a complaint, they would look at the copy of the envelope I sent them, tell Vanquis off and that would be it. I didn’t realise that there’d be a full-blown investigation into it. continue reading

Winning the Fight Against Junk Mail

Priority InvitationI hate receiving junk mail- it pisses me off. Last month, I received an urgent-looking letter but upon opening it, found it was just an application for a Vanquis credit card. Feeling that this irritating marketing method was a little underhand, I registered a complaint with ASA and wasn’t expecting a huge amount. ASA have responded to my complaint. continue reading

Visa’s Response to Junk Mail Association

Priority InvitationA few days ago, I wrote about how Vanquis were using dubious advertising tactics on the junk mail that they send through our doors.

I sent an email to Visa, whose logo appeared on the envelope (which was more prominent than Vanquis‘ own logo), asking if they were aware that their logo was being used alongside some false/misleading information which was also on the envelope. continue reading

Priority Junk Mail

Priority InvitationNobody likes receiving junk mail. Most of the time it’s related to products or services you’d never have any interest in. Double glazing? If I needed some, I’d be looking around for prices myself. Do I want up to 100mb broadband? If I did, I’d switch. Do I want a pre-approved Vanquis credit card? No, I do not.

continue reading