Sir Lord Alan Bloody Sugar Gets Camp

Retro Camping TrailerEpisode 7 of The Apprentice was very camp (in part, thanks to Jason) for the selling task on the Camping and Caravanning Exhibition at The NEC. Each team had to pick two low-value items from a selection on offer as well as one high ticket (SLABS’ words, not mine) item. Seeing as winning the task depends entirely upon selling ability, I was very keen to see who was truly any good at flogging things. continue reading

Sir Lord Alan Bloody Sugar and the Corporate Cock-Up

Colonel Alex

I don’t know whether or not I can say the 6th episode of The Apprentice was interesting, but I certainly learnt something from it tonight; if I’m ever at a hospital or GP’s surgery and Leah comes out to see me, I’ll be off quicker than Usain Bolt running away from Richard Branson. I’d sooner cut my arms, legs and head off than have her see to me in a hospital or a GP’s surgery.

Anyway, about last night’s episode of The Apprentice. Usually, I would have finished this and published it last night, but it took longer than I anticipated. continue reading

Sir Lord Alan Bloody Sugar’s Flat-Pack Clap-Trap

We saw the second week/third instalment of The Apprentice tonight and watched the two teams squirm as uncomfortably as a child wearing their older sibling’s, too short, too tight, hand-me-downs. In tonight’s episode, each team had to design, produce and market an item of flat-pack furniture which would later retail for £75.00. continue reading