Welcome, Twitter

So, you’ve found Ninja Hedgehog from my Twitter profile. Welcome.

Sometimes, you can’t say what you want to say in 140 characters unls u do txt spk lke dis. The downside to this is that anyone other than a stroppy, hormonal teenager will have given up after the first 5 syllables. Also, you’d still be hard-pushed to get everything in.

I occasionally write things which I put a fair bit of thought into, but I mainly enjoy posting silly little things which are on my mind- Ninja Hedgehog is the ideal platform for me to have a whinge on.

At the time of writing this, Ninja Hedgehog has over 100 email subscribers and sees around 4,500 unique visitors per month, so clearly there’s something of interest to be found here.

Ninja Hedgehog has previously been kept separate from Twitter but over the last few months the two have lazily merged together and I’ve shared some of my posts with you.

Take the time to look through the posts and feel free to post comments. Unlike some blog owners, who will delete comments that are fundamentally in disagreement with what they’ve written about, I will only delete comments which are deliberately offensive in any way at all.

Happy reading.