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Do you enjoy writing?

Would you like to contribute to Ninja Hedgehog and have your articles read by thousands of visitors each month?

If the answer is YES to both questions, use the below form to submit an original article to us. Please don’t submit an article which has already been published elsewhere, as Ninja Hedgehog always contains original material.

You must have a sense of humour which is apparent through your writing style- if you’re too serious, then Ninja Hedgehog is not for you!

If your style is what Ninja Hedgehog needs, you’ll be able to write articles as and when you wish.

Your example and all (potential) future submissions must:

  • Be completely your own work. Any images or writing taken from another source must be referenced accordingly.
  • Be of at least 300 words.
  • Be original and not already published elsewhere; either physically or electronically.
  • Be about anything you like!
  • Be spelt correctly and be grammatically correct.
  • NOT be deliberately racist, abusive or otherwise offensive.

Your example will be published on Ninja Hedgehog for others to see and with your nickname alongside it- your email address and real name will not be. Ninja Hedgehog will NOT publish your example anywhere else and will certainly not take credit for your work, but you need to be aware that the formatting may be changed to match the rest of the website.

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